FEAST Downloads

The FEAST kernel and most FEAST applications are actively being used in our research. Unfortunately, there are no current plans to publicly release FEAST in the near future.

GRID3D, the graphical FEAST preprocessing tool, is available for download:

Name Language Size
Grid3D 3.0.29 Java2 12.0 Mbyte
Grid3D 3.0.24 for Mac OS X Leopard (Intel) Java 1.5 12.0 Mbyte
Grid3D 3.0.24 Manual zipped HTML 5.0 Mbyte
DeViSoR 2.1 Java2 1.4+Java3D 1.4 Mbyte
DeViSoR 2.1 Manual PDF 600Kbyte
DeViSoR 1.0 Java1 0.5 Mbyte
DeViSoR 1.0 Manual zipped Postscript 0.6 Mbyte